On the passing of a loved one, we have the chance to celebrate their life with a funeral slideshow or memorial video. Time is often short, so photographs need to be quickly chosen and scanned, stories need to be told, and the funeral montage needs to be assembled - often in a matter of mere days. Funeral slideshows can be a standard succession of images - the montage featuring a lost loved one is always a powerful show. Where interest and energy permit, stories can be woven into the slide montage and the photographs can be broken into chapters. If you are interested in more ideas for your video memorial or funeral slideshow we would be happy to assist you.

We will create a beautiful picture slideshow, where we take images of your loved one and turn them into a captivating tribute. This DVD can be played on a TV monitor along with a DVD player during your loved ones visitation or viewing. The Tribute Slideshow is also shown during the funeral ceremony. We can contact your funeral director to find whether this is available.


The photo slideshow can also incorporate their favourite music for an endearing and heartfelt memoir of your deceased loved one's journey through life.

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