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Did You Know?

Did you know that your personal home movie is losing its integrity right now? Did you know that every time you play it, your VCR reduces the quality of the original recording? Not to mention the fact that VCRs like to "eat" VHS tapes.


Here at Digital Dreams, we understand how important those memories are to you. We are please to offer services in making sure that your priceless media collections are safely and properly stored on the latest digital technology.


Don't let another day go by without ensuring the survival of your precious memories, talk with a Digital Dreams specialist today!


Here is a couple of the special ways we help:

       • Record on quality DVD discs

       • Edit out blank space and clean up static in beginning and the end

       • Include automatic chapter points allowing you to scan through your DVD quickly and easily

       • Use the labels written on your tapes and copy them to our fancy cases to keep your memories organized

       • Print your discs with personalized labels as well as photographs of your home movies on them.

       • Combine multiple tapes onto the same DVD is possible to condense your collection and save you money & space for extra copies.

We can convert:


•8mm to DVD


•Hi-8 to DVD

•MiniDV to DVD

•Digital-8 to DVD

•DV to DVD

•Media cards (SD, XD, etc.) to DVD

8mm & 16mm Film to DVD

Film      $10.00 per 50 ft

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